Popeye Sculpture

This Catalogue, published on the occasion of the new exhibition of Jeff Koons at the Gallery Jérôme de Noirmont, was design in collaboration with the artist matched the colour illustrations full-pages of the exhibited’ works all come from the Popeye series. The catalogue is accompany with a text by Hans Ulrich Obrist, famous exhibition curator and great expert of the Jeff Koons’s work.

Published : September 2010 
Limited edition of 2000 copies
44 pages.
7 full-pages colour illustrations.
Size 32,6 x 24,8 cm.
ISBN 2-912303-31-1
Retail Price : 30 TTC

Kangaroo Mirror Box (blue)


Edition of 2000, numbered 1/2000 to 2000/2000 and 200 artist´s proofs numbered AP 1/200 to  AP 200/200.

Signed, dated and numbered on the reverse.

This edition includes the Collector Edition DVD PAL or NTSC documentary "Jeff Koons. A man of Trust" by Judith Kele, 2002, 57 minutes.


Published: 2003
Polystyrene-plexiglass mirror, including a DVD sold in its silver crating box.
Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont Editions, Paris.
Size: 26,2 x 17,5 x 1,1 cm - 10 5/16 x 6 7/8 x 7/16 in.
Retail price: 3000 € crating and shipping.
Available only at the gallery


Jeff Koons - Versailles

Published on the occasion of the exhibition of Jeff Koons’ in the Kings’ great apartments in Versailles, Jeff Koons Versailles is a course in the "landscape - territory" of Versailles. In it’s first part , the book follows the radical principle of the exhibition: a work, a room. The second part aims to stimulate thinking by proposing a confrontation between the castle’s room  where the work is exhibited and the work out of context.


Jeff Koons appeared on the international art scene in the 1980’s . He becomes the American reference . He likes to reinterpret objects as in " Puppy" , where a plaster dog is decked out with flowers. He uses rabbits, inflatable toys, balloons. His works, full of colors and images, are  inspired by the advertising and by the consumer society. He creates the famous sculptures of Michael Jackson and the Pink Panther. Considered the master of kitsch, Jeff Koons is close to the Dada movement and to Andy Warhol.

Jeff Koons

This entirely modern and attractive catalogue, whose « mirror » cover reflects the light, was published on the occasion of Jef Koons’ first personal exhibition in France, held at the gallery in 1997. Through this mini-retrospective of 29 works dated 1979 through 1992, you will immerse yourself into the American artist’s world and discover series essential to his creation: Inflatables , The Pre-New, The New, Equilibrium, Luxury and Degradation, Statuary, Art Magazines Ads, Banality, Made in Heaven, Puppy.
All illustrated, these works are a well-ordered and perfect expression of the artistic, conceptual and philosophical progression of the artist. Moreover, this catalogue speaks to you with the voice of Koons himself, thanks to 25 quotations by the artist that enlighten almost each work, among which Puppy, the monumental sculpture made out of alive flowers, set up in front of the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao in Spain.

Bilingual English & French quotations by the artist.

Published: September 1997.
Edition limited to 900 copies.
84 pages.
29 colour illustrations, all full-page.
Size : 17 x 24 cm - 6 3/4 x 9 1/2 in.
ISBN : 2-912303-01-X.
Retail price : sold out.