This catalogue, published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition at the gallery from 9th September to 27th October 2011, presents the most recent paintings by Fabrice Hyber.  Four years after Matière à penser, the exhibition that he designed in collaboration with researchers from M.I.T. for the inauguration of Le Laboratoire in Paris, a year after Pasteur’ Spirit, the first exhibition of a contemporary artist at the world center of biomedical research, Fabrice Hyber continues today his analysis of connections between art and science to return to the source of what drives these two domaines : creation and « inventions »…

In the art world as in the scientific world, nothing is final. Any established notion is immediately absorbed, contradicted, expanded or developped. In the nature that he defines as « un fonctionnement »(a mechanism), Fabrice Hyber considers his art in the framework of a constant questionning of accepted notions, with a perpetual topological reasoning that integrates his environment resulting in new recipes and new behaviors by the principles of deformation and transformation.
He goes beyond the mère creation of inventions in these works to let us see where the inventions come from and how they are born.

The catalogue is accompanied by bilingual texts in both French and English by Pascal Rousseau, Professor of History of Art at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon – Sorbonne.

Published : September 2011

Limited edition of 1000 copies

120 pages

60 colour illustrations

Size : 32,2 x 24

ISBN 2-912303-32-X

Retail Price : 40 € TTC