This catalogue presents the works, always more spectacular, of the Scottish artist David Mach, created in 2003 on the occasion of his exhibition Straight Up at the gallery.
The illustration on the cover page featuring a Grizzly Little Fucker, a fluffy rabbit armed to the teeth, immerses the onlooker right away into the playful but extravagant and innovative world of this artist, much appreciated by the public and art collectors alike.
In the same eccentric vein, strange gargoyles (Gargoyles), mutant and droll re-interpretations of medieval monsters, get hold of the most disparate objects in the most incongruous postures. The striking contrast between the softness that is associated with the toys and the comical violence that they display is simply hilarious.
Everything that David Mach undertakes is sculpture. No matter if he uses empty cans, tyres, coathangers, resin, matchsticks, furniture or does collage work, the unconventional use of objects and the ironic diversion of the senses have always been at the centre of David Mach´s artistic approach, by servicing an unlimited creativity and inventiveness.
As a proof of David Mach´s savoir-faire, the unique destiny of these metal coathangers that David Mach twistes with the precision of a goldsmith to transform them into artworks, giving them a human form in three gigantic works viz. Arm´s Length, Straight Up and Laid Back
This catalogue also contains David Mach´s last Animal Matchheads, that the artist creates with an incredible technical expertise, and that always enthral children and adults alike, with their lively colours.

Bilingual French & English text by Victor De Circasia, Italian art critic. Biography. Literature. List of exhibitions and of collections.

Published: September 2003.
Limited edition of 1000 copies.
48 pages.
35 colour illustrations.
Format: 30 x 23 cm – 12 x 9 in.
ISBN: 2-912303-15-X.
Retail price: 30 €