This catalogue, published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition at the gallery from 4 November to 7 January 2012, presents the most recent paintings by A.R. Penck. Ffuit of four years of work since 2007, Between Fire and Ice gives us the latest pictorial investigations of the artist, in his constant back and forth between abstraction and figuration, between expressing his own feelings and didactic construction.
The 23 paintings that make up this exhibition reflect the artistic maturity that the German artist has reached today.  They show the level of accomplishment he has achieved in his painting which remains expressionistic yet with much more limited movements than that of the earlier years. All this while remaining within the framework of his pictorial theories, which are no longer limited to his initial, essentially idiomatic artistic quest. More than 30 years after his move to the West, the artist seems to have finally gained some peace of mind !
The catalogue is accompanied by a poem and reflections by the artist, in german, french and english.

Published : November 2011

Limited edition of 800 copies

88 pages

Size : 32,2 x 24

ISBN 2-912303-33-8

Retail Price : 30 € TTC

A.R. Penck - Peintures et bronzes

This catalogue presents 24 paintings of the big German artist a.r. Penck, created specially for his exhibition at the gallery from November 23 to January 26, 2008 The 4 bronzes sculptures from the 90´s shown in the exhibition are also included in this opus.

Through 24 paintings, Penck moves away from any conceptions that are either illusionists or too close to the real and evolves into synthetic figures and landscapes, reduced to a set of abstract forms in a deliberately primitive graphic style, thus showing a clearly visible difference with his former paintings.
The subjects of inspiration are numerous and mix realties, thoughts and feelings, sometimes within one sole work. The artist makes the increasingly synthetic figure evolve more and more towards its structural essence, i.e. towards the form.

Bilingual French & English text by the art critic Eric Troncy. Poem by a.r. Penck. Biography. Literature.

Published : November 2007.
Limited edition of 1000 copies.
80 pages.
Size : 30 x 23 cm – 11 3/4 x 9 in.
ISBN : 2-912303-26-5
Retail price: 30 €


This catalogue introduces 30 works on paper exhibited at the gallery in 2003. A.R. Penck offers with Ereignisse im Unbekannten (Events in the Unknown) magnificent examples of his proposition of a universal artistic language, initiated as soon as 1964 with the concept of Standart, a system of codification of information, of its representation and of its communication.
Penck unveils us through these works his questionings about the boundaries of the human mind, about the way man addresses the unknown. He scrutinizes, unsettles and analyses what makes man go forward, what pushes him in its own overtakings, Penck being at once a visual artist, a musician and a poet.

Text by Bernard Marcadé, critic and historian. Bilingual German & French poem and quotations by the artist.

Published: May 2003.
Limited edition of 1000 copies.
48 pages.
30 colour illustrations.
Size: 30 x 23 cm – 11 7/8 x 9 in.
ISBN : 2-912303-14-1.
Retail price: 20 €


In 1996, the Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont exhibited for the first time in its walls 28 works of the great German artist a.r. Penck, who has inspired many contemporary artists among whom Keith Haring, through its search of a universal artistic language with the Standart figure.
The essay by Bernard Marcadé, La Mort de la Dialectique, comments and places the works of Penck in the historical context of a divided Germany, basing itself on the artist’s quotations, poems and manifestos.
Moreover, it is followed by quotations and a poem, La Mort du Temps, written for the occasion of the exhibition by the artist himself.

Bilingual German & French quotations and poem by the artist. Biography. Literature. List of main personal exhibitions.


Published: September 1996.
Edition limited to 800 copies.
40 pages.
26 colour et 2 black & white illustrations.
Size : 30 x 23 cm - 11 3/4 x 9 in.
ISBN : 2-912303-079.
Retail price : sold out.