Exhibition "Locus Solus ",
Istanbul, Turkey, March 31 - December 31, 2022.

Exhibited as part of "Regard d'artiste : Eva Jospin au Domaine de Trévarez",
Saint-Goazec, Finistère, May 12 – October 14, 2018.

Installation displayed for the 1st time in exclusivity in the Louvre’s Cour Carrée,
Paris, April 12 – August 28, 2016.


Work : wood, cardboard and glue.
Dimensions : height 4,80 m x diameter 9,12 m / height 15 3/4 x diameter 29 15/16 ft
Artist : Eva Jospin
In the Louvre : 
Structure : metal frame, mirror-polished steel facades.
Dimensions : height 6 m x diameter 13 m / height 19 11/16 x diameter 42 5/8 ft
Architects : Outsign – Marc Dolger, Damien Ziakovic
Project management support : Bruno-Paul Largy, Matthieu Botrel
Coordination project authority / project management : Ivan Ptakhine
Assistants : Pascale Arronis, Nicolas Dol, Ana Isabel Freitas, Thibault Grougi, Laureline Le, Marie Mur, Leonor Scavino, Melissa Vente.
Studio : « 6 bis », Vitry-sur-Seine.
Enlightening : Philippe Berthé

Louvre’s official press release and press contact


Created by French artist Eva Jospin, Panorama is an installation that combines sculpture and architecture. It is the first contemporary artwork exhibited in the Louvre’s prestigious and historical Cour Carrée.

As the title implies, this monumental work is the continuation of a European, historical tradition that reached its peak in the nineteenth century, and the Louvre holds some superb examples in its collection.

This monumental work is the continuation of a European, historical tradition that reached its peak in the nineteenth century.

Conceived by the artist as an urban panorama, this decagonal construction exalts its environment by the play of reflections from its mirror-polished steel facades, enhancing here the magnificent architecture of the Cour Carrée designed by Pierre Lescot and Jean Goujon in the sixteenth century.

The spectator can enter into this artistic, immersive architecture where a unique and intimate universe is revealed, a “mise en abyme” on the edge of realism and daydream ... an imaginary landscape, a rural madness where the eye wanders without a compass between undergrowth, forest and cave.

The virtuosity of Eva Jospin’s creation finds its most monumental and remarkable expression here, exploring the visual and metaphorical depths of cardboard, her preferred material, to transform it into a journey of discovery by the juxtaposition and overlay of multiple layers that have been sculpted, cut and shaped.

A spectacular work that is timeless and universal, Panorama is a call to travel in space and time, an invitation for all audiences to expand the imagination.

Besides, this first exhibition in the Louvre's Cour Carrée knew a huge public success with more than 300,000 visitors.

Now without its mirror-polished steel structure, Panorama is newly part of the Domaine de Trévarez for Summer 2018, where it has taken on a new meaning in light of the forest background of the park, between nature and artifice.

Eva Jospin was born in 1975 in Paris, where she lives and works.