Monumental sculpture offered by donation to the City of Paris in memory of the attacks of 2015 - 2016.
Paris, Place de Tokyo - installation in 2018.


Bouquet of Tulips, 2016.
Polychromed bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum.
Sculpture dimensions:
height: 34 ft 1 1/2 in – 10,40 m / 38 ft 3 in – 11,66 m with base.
width: 27 ft 4 3/4 in – 8,35 m
depth: 32 ft 3 1/8 in – 9,83 m / 32 ft 6 9/16 in – 9,92 m with base.
Approximate weight: sculpture 59 524 lb - 27 t / with base 80 000 lb - 36 t

A necessary clarification, January 29, 2018, updated on January 31, 2018.


U.S. Artist Jeff Koons offers Bouquet of Tulips to the City of Paris and the People of France as a Symbol of Friendship.

130 years after France gave the Statue of Liberty to the United States, Jeff Koons wanted to celebrate the remarkable Franco-American alliance that has endured and flourished for over 200 years, by creating Bouquet of Tulips.

The idea of offering such a symbol of friendship between the French and the American people came about following discussions between Jeff Koons and The Honorable Jane D. Hartley, Ambassador of the United States of America to France and Monaco.

"Bouquet of Tulips" symbolizes the act of offering.

Jeff Koons explains: “Bouquet of Tulips was created as a symbol of remembrance, optimism, and healing in moving forward from the horrific events that occurred in Paris one year ago. Bouquet of Tulips references the hand of the Statue of Liberty holding the torch. I wanted to make a gesture of friendship between the people of the United States and France. The work also has a dialogue with Pablo Picasso’s Friendship Bouquet and his sculpture Woman with Vase in the act of offering. You can also look at the sculpture and think of the Impressionist flowers of Monet or the Rococo flowers of François Boucher or Jean-Honoré Fragonard. Flowers are associated universally with optimism, rebirth, the vitality of nature, and the cycle of life. They are a symbol that life goes forward.”

For Ambassador Hartley, this donation reminds us that “our two countries share so much politically, economically, and culturally – but most importantly, France and the United States share a deeply held belief in the universal principles of Freedom and Liberty. Throughout history, when one of us has faced challenges, the other has been there in solidarity and support. Art is a powerful tool that brings people of all ages, colors, creeds, circumstances, and backgrounds together. It is a source of inspiration and hope for the future.”

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, said: “The fact that this great artist has decided to offer to the City of Paris the original idea of a monumental work that symbolizes generosity and sharing shows the unalterable attachment between our capital city and the United States of America. The capital of France will be happy to welcome the iconic work Bouquet of Tulips, which is intended to become part of Paris heritage, as the Statue of Liberty is part of the New York’s heritage. It will participate in the influence of our city throughout the world and proves once again how attractive Paris is for contemporary art.”

The Fonds pour Paris is currently coordinating a call for donations in support of the production of this original work, as well as  Noirmontartproduction which is also in charge of following up on the production of the work and represents Jeff Koons in this project.

The work is scheduled to be installed in 2018, subject to final necessary approvals. The intended site is the Place de Tokyo in front of the City of Paris Museum of Modern Art and the Palais de Tokyo, two institutions that celebrate the best in modern and contemporary art. Located on the Hill of Museums facing the Avenue du Président Wilson and uphill from the Avenue de New York and the Place de l’Alma, where the Flame of Liberty stands, this location embodies the cross-cultural appreciation that has united French and American artists for years. 

Jeff Koons was born in 1955 in York, Pennsylvania. He lives and works in New York.