Ephemeral work

Some exhibitions, such as the Nuits Blanches or Monumenta at the Grand Palais in Paris, naturally encourage the creation of large, ephemeral works which can not be stored afterwards.

The production of such works are based on the same logic as permanent works but have a different economic logic since you cannot recover the costs of such production. Because the sale of the work is not possible, its creation enters into a precarious financial framework that affects the very existence of the project and must absolutely be consolidated prior to the launch of production.

In such cases, Noirmontartproduction proposes to take over the entire organization of the project, including the search for financing and external contributions that will ensure the creation of the work, and therefore, the project itself.

To achieve success, the search for patrons must absolutely be targeted and therefore requires selecting potential partners in advance, depending on the nature of the project, the place of exhibition, etc.

This research must also be seen in different and complementary ways:

  • Through in-kind contributions, often in the form of donated materials used in the creation of the work;
  • Through industry, particularly with works involving state-of-the-art technologies or specific expertise that requires experience and highly advanced outside technical knowledge, very often rare and expensive.
  • Through pure financial input, which means finding partners (companies, organizations, individuals …) and having the accounting, tax and legal knowledge that apply to such contributions.

Getting a company to sponsor the creation of an ephemeral work by a contemporary artist doesn’t just require the ability to convince a company that has no prior background to judge the importance of the artist and the quality of the work. To optimize the contribution request, it also requires knowing the accounting and tax considerations which could also be allocated, and being well informed about event and communication concepts.

A production with a different economic logic

In addition to numerous company contacts, Jérôme and Emmanuelle de Noirmont have a combination of such knowledge from both personal and professional experience that enables them to offer comprehensive expertise in this area.

Legal terms