Turnkey exhibition

For twenty years, the Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont conducted an aggressive policy of acquiring works, both from the artists it represented and through other sources building up a large stock of more than 1300 works! With this substantial stock and its privileged relationships in contemporary art (artists, collectors, museum directors…) that give it access to many potential loans, Noirmontartproduction can organize “turnkey” exhibitions on request.

These exhibitions can naturally be organized around the gallery’s former artists such as Shirin Neshat. We are the only ones in the world to hold complete series of her photographs in addition to some of her videos. We also have historical works by Pierre et Gilles and a comprehensive collection of McDermott & McGough’s photographic creations.

In addition to these already established artists, Noirmontartproduction’s stock, always in constant development, has many works from emerging artists that can be part of specific exhibitions on issues central to new contemporary creation.

Noirmontartproduction can provide complete collective or personal exhibitions

Noirmontartproduction can also provide complete collective or personal exhibitions with a totally unique theme. In 2014, for example, at the request of a Swiss company with limited means that wanted to organize a Keith Haring exhibition, Jérôme de Noirmont put together a unique retrospective of the American artist using all his vintage posters, a preferred media for his creation throughout his life. This playful exhibition was aimed at all audiences, young and old, connoisseurs and amateurs and it had a record success beyond all expectations of its sponsor! In addition to his stock, Jérôme de Noirmont can also call on external collections that he has access to thanks to trusted, close and privileged relationships with their owners. He can select artists of completely different origin and expression and propose collective exhibitions that meet the specific objective of the sponsor, according to his or her aims and available budget. Whether it’s a production or the organization of an exhibition, partial or complete, Noirmontartproduction acts as a laboratory, a factory of ideas and initiatives capable of putting the inventive spirit and boldness of its directors into action to create powerful projects within a reasonable economic context. After speaking about Louis XIV at length with Jeff Koons in preparation for his exhibition at the gallery in 1997, Jérôme de Noirmont understood the close bond that unites the American artist to French art and from that, imagined a confrontation between his very contemporary works and the masterpieces of Versailles. This utopia finally became a reality in 2008 with the exhibition Jeff Koons Versailles, the first major exhibition of a contemporary artist within the royal apartments which after, inspired numerous exhibitions of contemporary art in historical heritage sites. With “customized” innovative concepts such as this, Noirmontartproduction can now offer you a complete service for organizing “turnkey” exhibitions. In addition to its new activities, Noirmontartproduction will continue promoting its stock on an ongoing basis, maintaining a very active and selective lending policy with the aim of supporting the artists and encouraging quality exhibitions.

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