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By offering the complete management of art production projects, Noirmontartproduction becomes the new link in the economic chain of artistic creation that provides support to art specialists by taking on the responsibility of their projects and relieving the burden that comes along with them without minimizing the scope of their usual activity.

Both a mediator and a laboratory for ideas, Noirmontartproduction is the interface between economy and art, developing a common language between these two distinct worlds and building bold, strategic projects for both domains, all with a good understanding of their respective concerns and mutual challenges.


Noirmontartproduction wishes above all to develop artistic creations that would not see the day without its support. It bases all of its production projects on a close collaboration with the artists concerned and their representative galleries within a tripartite agreement. With an obvious concern for neutrality and ethics, Noirmontartproduction does not agree to any project outside of this essential basic relationship and leaves the galleries in control of promoting their artists and selling their works. Are you a gallery unable to manage the creative project of one of your artists because you lack the time, personnel or money? Are you a new gallery facing a major project which is more than you can handle? Are you an artist with a project for a monumental work or complicated production that your gallery cannot manage? Noirmontartproduction can help you by putting its expertise, skills, resources and networks at your service. After presenting your project, we study with you the appropriate solutions for its production and can immediately proceed to its creation. Jérôme and Emmanuelle de Noirmont are the sole decision-makers. They possess adequate, independent resources eliminating the need for a third party which allows for a quick and immediately effective decision.

Noirmontartproduction becomes the new link in the economic chain of artistic creation that provides support to art specialists


With the increased internationalization and new strategic challenges in art, museums have experienced significant changes in recent years for three main reasons: reduced resources in large, traditional institutions that struggle more and more to balance the acquisition of works and the organization of major exhibitions; the emergence of new venues and structures with certain regions in the world that wish to open up to contemporary creation and the increasing number of very large private collections shown in a museum-like setting. These factors ultimately make it difficult for all to find interesting and original works in this stronger, international competition and underline the need for certain institutions to call upon a qualified professional such as Noirmontartproduction. Is your institution preparing a major exhibition in which you want to include new works commissioned from living artists but would like to outsource this production aspect of the exhibition? Does your institution wish to organize a major cultural event and you need skilled professionals to help you? Are you a new museum, a new exhibition center or new private foundation looking for a strong project to commemorate a new establishment or development? Whether it’s strategic advice, financing or managing the production of an exhibition or works, Noirmontartproduction can assist you in all these various endeavors by drawing on its substantial achievements and its great potential for action to increase the prestige of your institution.


Many companies decide to involve themselves with the art world that is often at odds with their field of activity. For those involved in the economic world, such commitments come from a desire for corporate citizenship and therefore taking on a new social and cultural responsibility. There are several ways available for companies to show this commitment, ranging from one-time financial sponsorship of exhibitions to a more long-term sponsorship policy, from the acquisition of several works to building a collection… Whichever way a company wishes to take, it must be seen with a medium- to long-term vision, with a real strategy that will determine the terms of its commitment. The business world often underestimates the contemporary art scene and its inner workings. For companies that want to invest in art, Jérôme and Emmanuelle de Noirmont give personalized advice to define and set up this strategy. Why does the company want to start this artistic project? What sense does it want to give it? What audience does it want to reach? What resources (financial, real estate, human…) will it grant to this commitment? What image, internal or external to the company, does it want to give to this project ? These are some of the many questions that Noirmontartproduction has to initially consider with the company to accurately define its strategy and commitment terms. Next, Noirmontartproduction provides the company with its expertise in the arts to guide it in the selection of artists and works that correspond to the chosen project, and also to assist in setting up the necessary logistics (insurance, transport, import, etc.). As with other projects for exhibition production or collection building, Noirmontartproduction studies together with the financial and legal services of the company the best fiscal and administrative conditions for its project.


For centuries, monumental statues have stood in our public places and participated in the spatial architecture of our cities. These sculptures were once commissions for artists to honor important people, especially from the political and military world or to highlight the history of a city or territory. They therefore referred mainly to the past. Today, municipalities, regions and other local authorities want to use contemporary art for their media and tourism development. With the level of cultural tourism increasing, they are realizing the impact of contemporary works as a way of adding value and enrichment to their legacy. Conscious also to be part of their era, they want to commission great works or artistic projects as a symbol of their vitality. They are however not always able to know how to go about it or who to turn to, and are often limited by restrictive financial constraints. Noirmontartproduction offers authorities the same opportunities it provides to companies, guiding them in their commissioned works and other major artistic production projects in the selection of artists that best meet their aspirations and optimizing this choice based on the anticipated budget.

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