October 20 - October 23, 2011
FIAC 2011
Grand Palais - Booth C34 - Paris

Keith Haring. Untitled, 1983. Vinyl paint on vinyl tarpaulin, 85 1/4 x 85 1/4 in. (c) The Keith Haring Foundation, New York. Courtesy Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont, Paris.

exhibition release

FIAC 2011, 20 – 23 octobre
Booth C34
Grand Palais, Paris










At the FIAC 2011 fair, Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont will be presenting a limited selection of works by 8 major artists.  Some of them have been represented by the gallery for a long time and some only very recently, lsuch as the graffiti artist  from New York, Futura 2000.

The exhibited works have been chosen to balance historic creations with more recent pieces, in order to create a strong dialogue between radical pictoral language and visual codes inherited from Pop art, just like the passionate artistic confrontations of New York in the 1980s.

Thus a clear and coherent conversation is established between several artistic languages, from the figurative abstraction of Standart and the Beat Generation to the lyrical improvisation of New York´s street art, with :

- A symbolic and museum-quality painting of  the german artist A.R. Penck´s ideological primitivism;
- Excerpts from Kerouac, Burroughs and Goya (1984), a historic painting by George Condo born from his closeness to the Beat Generation leaders.
- Street Art with a Keith Haring´s museum-quality tarpaulin presented with  a very recent work by Futura 2000 ; two artists from the same generation, leading figures of the New York Graffiti scene, with very different artistic expressions, which instinctively lead them both to bring the walls of the street into galleries.

This conversation will bring to light other works which are influenced by Pop :
- An original sculpture by Jeff Koons.
- A recent painting by McDermott & McGough, adopting the clichés and icons of American society in the 1960s.
- A new work by Pierre et Gilles, continuing their latest series with a very urban influence, Wonderful Town : a grave image in a dark atmosphere, far from the playful aspect that people usually associate with their work.

- And a recent painting by teh French artist, Fabrice Hyber.


In addition, the FIAC will hold an outdoor exhibition in the Jardins des Tuileries, with Fabrice Hyber’s sculpture, Le cri, l’écrit (2007).

Finally, again in the Tuileries, part of the Cinéphémère programme in partnership with the Musée du Louvre and la Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, the videos About Seana by Yi Zhou and Mean to Me by McDermott & McGough will be displayed every day during la FIAC. Cinéphémère is a 14-seat cinema installed in a transformed shipping container, especially redisigned and equipped for this purpose (Registration at the entrance / Carré du Sanglier in the Tuileries Garden, Concorde side)


- Wednesday, October 19, at 3pm : About Seana, Yi ZHOU

- Thursday, October 20, at 6pm : Mean to me, McDERMOTT & McGOUGH

- Friday, October 21, at 2pm : About Seana, Yi ZHOU

- Saturday, October 22, at 3pm : Mean to me, McDERMOTT & McGOUGH

- Sunday, October 23, at 5pm : About Seana, Yi ZHOU


Besides, the screening of Shirin Neshat´s feature film Women without Men, 2010 - Silver Lion - Award for best director at the 2009 Venezia Mostra winning film will be held at the Grand palais Auditorium on Saturday October 22nd, 8 pm.


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