November 09 - January 17, 2010
l´apothéose du sublime
Oi Futuro Rio de Janeiro (catalogue)

exhibition release


This is Pierre et Gilles’ first exhibition not only in Brazil but in the whole of South America, and it gathers together a selection of emblematic pieces from the two artists’ work spanning 30 years, from the start of their career right through to their new Wonderful Town series.


Their favourite themes are all present and correct: the sea and sailors with, especially the now-iconic Le Marin (1985); religious portraits with a number of Saints and Saintes, including the brand-new Saint Sébastien de la Guerre (2009); mythology; self-portraits such as Le Totem (1984) and Les Pistolets (1987), etc.

Portraits of celebrities such as Kylie Minogue in the Vierge aux Serpents (2008), or of people who are not famous, such as Le Petit Boxeur (1994); worlds which are dark, such as Les Plaisirs de la Forêt (1996) or, on the contrary, more light-hearted, as in D’ble Shoot (2008); the exhibition reveals all the facets of Pierre et Gilles’ creative world.