February 04 - March 07, 2005
galerie jerome de noirmont

exhibition release

At his first personal exhibition at Noirmont Prospect in March – April 2003, Benjamin Sabatier’s peintures en kit made of drawing pinsmet with great success. Playing on the symbol of consumer products represented by the IKEA chain, Sabatier registered the IBK trademark which is distributing a limited series of boxes containing 1500 to 8000 drawing pins in different colors for arranging on a wall with the aid of the pattern and tools supplied, in order to realize an art work in situ, a kit painting.
SAV after IBK. . . From February 4 to March 7, 2005, Benjamin Sabatier has presented his new works at the Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont continuing his reflection on contemporary notions of work, production and massdistribution as applied to art :
"Art can be called into question from the viewpoint of its economic constituents and the demands of the market, which not only influence it, but are rather its very base and foundation (. . .). My work calls upon an economy which precisely does not dissociate art from the world of work – an economy which includes art and the proper or improper conditions of its appearance.

Continuing the line of « paintings » in drawing pins presented like IKEA kits, the artist creates all his work as a pastiche of companies today which design their new products as consumer goods. His approach is based on ideas specific to market economy. As for an industrial product, the process of creation integrates here the criteria of profitability and efficiency : low production costs with labour reduced to a minimum and the least expensive materials for a highly attractive visual result. All of Benjamin Sabatier’s creations make use of extremely simple gestures and processes which are easy to model or reproduce : crumpling sheets of paper, inserting drawing pins, piling up logs of wood and paper. . .