March 24 - May 31, 2000
galerie jerome de noirmont

exhibition release

Who knows EVA & ADELE?
Everybody does, since this atypical couple - a man and a woman self-proclaimed The Hermaphrodite Twins in Art - is emblematic of the art of today. EVA & ADELE take part in all the openings, all spots which are their "pedestals for representation". Always dressed with identical outfits, improbable and ultra-feminine shaved heads and made up with glitters, they never go unnoticed and always create the "event within the event"!

Yet, who knows EVA & ADELE?
Nobody does. Many only remember this phantasmagoric and unexpected look, the only image they offered so far. Nobody does fully acknowledge how far goes their art, embracing together photography, drawing, painting, and video. Actually, their concept goes way over a simple art attitude. The Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont has chosen to make you discover this extreme richness, this teeming and fascinating diversity, for the very first time in the world.

For this first gallery exhibition from March 24 to May 18, the Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont has show EVA & ADELE artistic production in its entirety. Drawing, painting, photography and video, all their favorite media will be presented.

One of EVA & ADELE´s favorite phrases is "Wherever we are is museum". "In life, we have decided to become art, to leave the museum and go towards the public". As well, they consider everything they do as an artwork: their smile is an artwork, their laugh, their shaved heads are art... EVA & ADELE are always dressed identically, always with women clothes, conceived by their hands. Their outrageous outfits are only a part of their art. By mixing sexual signs, the couple states going "over the boundaries of genders". "We wish to demonstrate that sex is not a question as simple as the difference between black and white. Our look is abstract: we are dressed as women and we have rather male heads".

For many years, EVA & ADELE have tried to separate their physical looks from their material work; they did not want to be "commercial". Thus, they reserved themselves for their appearances, presenting here and there some works solely in museums exhibitions. "We want to show that our work is not only to smile and wave. We want to show there is also real work. For the art world, serious and traditional, we´re a shock. Painters don´t look like EVA & ADELE." If it is not recognized yet, their material creation is nevertheless amazing of expertise and intelligence.

The Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont thus present all aspects of EVA & ADELE´s creation: Drawing with the Close-Up series, marvelous series of pastels that has been made out of the Polaroids of themselves that they took as diary (the series of the Autopolaroids will also be shown there), Painting with the Cum series also called Blow-up, has been made out of enlargements of photographs of themselves that people sent them from all around the world, Photography with the series of the Self-Timer Photography very representative of one young German photography without any concession and any device and then Video with their film Futuring.