September 22 - November 09, 2000
galerie jerome de noirmont

exhibition release

After The Last Detail in 1997, the Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont has devoted to David Mach from September 22 to November 9, an exhibition entirely focused on his sculpture, Species. Often associated to the New British Sculpture tenors who emerged at the beginning of the eighties, David Mach is yet marked off by using massive quantities of new materials, and manufactured items of our everyday life metamorphosed into monumental sculptures, ephemeral constructions radiating with humor and grace. Thus, The Temple at Tyre, this gigantic Pantheon made of tyres, erected upon a pile of containers on the docks of Edinburgh in 1994 or also Train, huge sculpture of 40 meters long, made out of 185.000 bricks in 1998 in Darlington, Great-Britain, leave an imperishable memory of the artist´s tremendous work.

Today, his sculpted work is considered everywhere as a true reference within British Art, as attest the trust and the prestigious public commissions of institutions and museums from all around the world. The latest one, The Spaceman, high of more 2,40 m and presented in world preview within L´Homme qui Marche inside the gardens of the Palais Royal, Paris, then in The Hague within Den Haag Sculptuur features Neil Armstrong the first man on the moon: this will be undoubtedly one of the major pieces of the exhibition Species!