September 19 - November 08, 2003
galerie jerome de noirmont

exhibition release

From September 19 to November 8, 2003, the Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont is delighted to unveil the latest works of David Mach in an exciting exhibition entitled Straight Up.

Everything that David Mach undertakes is Sculpture. His creativity and inventiveness knows no bounds, no matter he uses empty cans, tyres, coat hangers, resin, matchsticks, furniture or does collage work. For this 47 year-old Scotsman the use of unconventional materials has always been at the centre of his artistic approach: use of ordinary industrial surplus materials in his unorthodox amassment, assemblies and mise en scène and all according to a score highlighting the unexpected use of objects and ironic diversion of the senses. David Mach collects all unreasoned surplus and organises it into structured surplus with an admirable sense of poise.

With his typically British eccentricity, David Mach condemns excessive consumption, massive and uncontrolled production in the modern-day society. What an unusual fate of this metal coat hanger to be transformed by the artistic hands of David mach into a work of art! These objects without any "value", without any special importance in the household have no exceptional qualities. However, their artistic recycling is incredible - the coat hanger takes on a human form. In a mise en scène which transforms the art gallery into theatre, Standing Man and Standing Woman, two "larger than life" sculptures lean against the walls around the Reclining Woman lasciviously lying down on a leather Chesterfield settee. All those who liked Spaceman in the Jardins du Palais Royal in the summer of 2000 will definitely be enthralled by these three monumental works.

Just like the works using coat hangers, David Mach brilliantly accomplishes another meticulous piece of work - his talented assembly of colourful matchsticks. He has enriched his bestiary started over ten years ago, with some original heads such as the baboon, panda, grizzly bear, gorilla, polar bear etc... The spectator wonders how such an "ordinary" thing as the matchstick can become so precious and delicate, embody so much strength and give life to these subtle "trophies"! Specially created for the exhibition, there are only four copies of each of these Animal Matchheads, each of them are unique in its colour, which are real gems!

Strange Gargoyles mutant and curious reinterpretations of medieval monsters shall guard the gallery, springing out of the walls and corners. Each of them unique, they seem to hold their sway on the most disparate set of objects in the most incongruous postures. In the same extravagant vein, the works David Mach will present the Grizzly Little Fuckers, his unique pieces of weird teddies fully armed to the teeth and A nasty piece of work, a gnome brandishing a circular saw. The striking contrast between the softness of cuddly toys and the comical violence that they seem to portray makes the whole setting hilarious.

We will also enjoy David Mach´s Paris Plage collages, which are real two-dimensional sculptures specially made for the exhibition by assembling numerous pictures from magazines and photographs; David Mach literally builds up a wild and amusing Paris. David Mach´s collage work is a must!

Thanks to his spectacular and intelligible technique, David Mach is a much-appreciated popular artist whose works enthral children and adults alike. Straight Up confirms the richness and the high quality of his prolific and admirable creations at which all of us will marvel once again.