March 05 - April 29, 2003
galerie jerome de noirmont

exhibition release

The wealth of artistic expression of the astonishing Berlin artists EVA & ADELE, unveiled at the time of the Close-Up & Blow-up exhibition at the Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont in 2000, reappears today, in a very significant exhibition entitled SHY, (from March 5 to April 29, 2003), where the essentials of their works on paper - and three paintings - will be presented in a voluntarily crowded hanging.

Considering that "everything that they do and are is a work of art", they develop an outstanding production, based on ideas of permanent interchange with the public, in a real symbiosis between art and mass culture, between public and private life, ignoring all barriers or frontiers: these are the "Grenzüberschreiter" EVA & ADELE.

The SHY exhibition symbolizes the duality of EVA & ADELE´S work, between their public appearances where the artists must always show evidence of audacity and must overcome their shyness, and their absolute concentration when developing their works in the studio, a place of intimacy where they lock themselves in as hermits, in a restoring, helpful and necessary convalescence for the expression of their art.

Three large series of work on paper will be presented within this exhibition:

1- The CUM series: these analytical drawings (41 x 61 cm) are created from the photographs sent to EVA & ADELE by admirers, friends or from day-to-day encounters, on the invitation of the artists who systematically hand them a post card of their effigy on which it is specified: : "You have just taken a photo of EVA & ADELE´s Global Art Work: CUM. We thank you and really want you to send your photo to EVA & ADELE... P.O. Box ... Berlin"

Drawing these portraits, enlarged on the paper in a very linear manner without altering original portrait, the artists show us that the photographer achieves his own portrait through theirs and that this portrait is always different according to the place and circumstances of the instant of the shot. CUM is a project showing others´ look upon our marginality.

2- The series FUTURING COMPANY: these oil pastels or gouache on paper (60 x 80 cm) are developed from the self-portraits/ polaroids that EVA & ADELE accomplish daily on their course through the world, like a diary.

FUTURING is EVA & ADELE´S universal message, who use this semantic creation to define what it does and what they are. Like angels, EVA & ADELE don´t have a past or a history, if it is not one that we share with them, and belong to an indefinable type, refusing all categorization and establishing no separation between daily life and artistic creation: art is life and life is art.

3- The series MEDIAPLASTIC : drawings in gouache, graphite and oil pastel (35 x 23 cm), and three oils on canvas of this series will be exhibited. EVA & ADELE´s very specific appearance being constantly exposed in the media, they use the media consciously as an exhibition display surface. Thus, they reintroduce in the artistic sphere the diffusion of their private and public image published in magazines or newspapers from all over the world. The media becomes an original art work itself and the original work is in its turn a picture of the media.

These drawings return to another fundamental concept of EVA & ADELE´s approach: "Wherever we are is museum." EVA & ADELE´s museum is in essence public, in public space, but it duplicates itself in a more intimate dimension when one takes into account the deep, impenetrable and almost introvert work of the artists in creation - in a quest for the permanent balance that allows them to maintain and to give life to the mysterious aura that surrounds them.

EVA & ADELE appear as the real heirs of Marcel Duchamp and of Joseph BEUYS, who criticized the notion of a museum as an isolated institution. As for these grand art mentors of the XXth century, what matters for EVA & ADELE is not only the work of art itself but the very notion of art. The idea of "art in life and life in art" is what guides the artists in their constant effort to free themselves of pre-established universal paradigms in order to seize reality as it really is.

As they do it for themselves, EVA & ADELE want to inspire courage in people to abolish the strength of existing hierarchies so that each can live and work according to his or her own self-determination. EVA & ADELE invite us thus to open our eyes on this future that belongs to us... Whatever our questions, we became for a long time EVA & ADELE´S accomplices. Rightly understood, we are the witnesses of a great paradigm shift.