October 08 - October 13, 2003

exhibition release

At the thirtieth edition of the FIAC, from October, 8 to 13 2003, Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont will host an exhibit of forty works on the theme Fantasme Fantasque, combining recognised artists and talented newcomers:


Jean-Michel BASQUIAT, Francesco CLEMENTE, George CONDO, Anh DUONG, EVA & ADELE, Keith HARING, Jeff KOONS, McDERMOTT & McGOUGH, David MACH, Brigitte NAHON, Jurgen OSTARHILD, PIERRE et GILLES, Bettina RHEIMS, Bernar VENET and Yi ZHOU...


Photography and painting, works on paper and digital creations, sculpture and installation: all media of current artistic creation will be represented.
FANTASME , a noun. (Greek: Phantasma) : Imaginary representation reflecting more or less conscious desires - fantasies may be conscious (daydreams, plans, or artistic projects) or unconscious (dreams or neurotic symptoms).
FANTASQUE adj. abbreviation and modification of fantastic.:
Subject to bizarre whims and fancies.
Art is an illusion: the fantasy of the artistic from the different and strange world that he inhabits. Nietzsche justified art as an illusion by asserting that without the outlet of the illusion, life would be unbearable, because it would be too real. Freud´s approach is a remarkable extension of this view.
According to Freud, the artist seeks in his creation the expression of his unconscious fantasies. The artist, more than any other person, flees from empirical reality, thereby opening the gates to the imagination and those of a dreamlike world.
However, Fantasme Fantasque does not limit "fantasy" to the way most people understand it nowadays: as sexual fantasy; rather, it considers its dynamic vision: an enchanting and charming show. Because these are transformed, "surreal" worlds of these diffracted and fantasy-like visions of a reality that is sometimes difficult. Genuine breaths of fresh air, aspirations for happiness and pleasure, the works exhibited are awakened daydreams that sparkle in the surrounding darkness.
Art is also fanciful, when the artist appropriates what is real in order to create something irrational and unreal, to model it as the artist sees fit in a phantasmagoric universe. Delirious, fantasy-like and sometimes exuberant, the works exhibited give free rein to the freedom to create, a hedonistic pleasure, and a real saviour for any artist.
Pierre and Gilles have created a personal world where reality and the phantasmagoric mingle closely: parallel universes, transcended models, idealised femininity and masculine sensuality... The feminine sensuality of Bettina Rheims´ work: woman, fantasy-like, magnificent and mischievous, as an archetype of fantasy (masculine and feminine). George Condo echoes the maze of the unconscious and re-transcribes his internal world, full of fantasies and overflowing with energy in his paintings, which feature traditional technique. Jurgen Ostarhild will present a few of his hybrid facial mixes. Yi Zhou, a young Chinese artist, will exhibit her striking mirror-like interpretations of video games, where the artists imagines herself as a reincarnation of Lara Croft...
As a result of the diversity of the works exhibited in Fantasme Fantasque you will experience an exciting artistic trip that is full of surprises, at the heart of the human psyche!