October 21 - October 24, 2010
FIAC 2010
Booth A 46
Grand Palais, Paris

PIERRE ET GILLES, Maison de Poupée, 2009-2010, Model : Audrey Tautou, Unique hand - painted photograph 171,5 x 139,5 cm

exhibition release

At the FIAC 2010 fair being held at Grand Palais from 21-24 October, Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont will be presenting some exceptional sculptures, paintings and photographies by the following artists:

Valérie BELIN – George CONDO – Claudine DRAI – Keith HARING – Fabrice HYBER
David MACH – Shirin NESHAT – A.R. PENCK – Pierre et Gilles – Bettina RHEIMS

    Valérie Belin will be presenting with a previously-unexhibited photo from her latest work, Têtes couronnées, which examines the phenomenon of the beauty queen and her quest for the perfect image. An extension of the artist´s photographic investigations into the mise en scène of the self. After her famous portraits of Mannequins and Métisses whose subjects occupied an uncertain realm between the real and the unreal, Belin´s new project is notable for its style, reminiscent of the photofit portraits of old and the 3D composites which have nowadays replaced them.

    After attracting considerable attention in previous FIAC shows, the work of David MACH (known for his spectacular and/or monumental sculptures) will be represented by a work whose title is fulled of British humour - Stripped to the Bone. The bone in question is a skull - to be mounted on our booth to create an effect of quasi-levitation – is made of assembled and welded wire coat hangers. The effect is striking thanks to its apparent lightness and to the aura that it seems to emanate. Highly representative work David Mach’s works, Stripped to the Bone is full of humour and irony while also revealing the Scottish sculptor´s interest in anatomical forms as portrayed in classical sculpture.

    The art of Claudine Drai might be defined as an architecture of space. Working in media such as paper, silk and even light, Drai shapes space and void to transport the viewer into a dreamworld where imagination is the dominant faculty, and where its emotions and the world in which he moves are evoked in a new and critical light. The work on show here invites introspection and interaction between the observer, the work and the space it occupies in an interplay of form and volume. A horizontal 3D sculpture in stark lines, extended by bronze feet cast out of and paper sculpture, it takes the observer into an inner space in a dance of silk-paper figures which irresistibly evoke Giacometti´s The Forest and immerse us in a world where reality has become emotion.

    Shirin Neshat´s Faezeh embodies her project Women Without Men, which took her 6 years to complete and whose feature-length film of the same name, the story of 5 women in Tehran in the summer of 1953 (a time of violent rioting by supporters of the Shah of Iran) won a Silver Lion for best director at the 2009 Venice Film Festival. The new portrait by the Iranian photographer and video artist on display at FIAC 2010, with its calligraphy even finer and more delicate than her early work, evokes a revealed femininity in its writing that is almost like lace on skin, offset by the woman´s hair and the floral print of her apparel.

    A perfect example of the popular dimension of the art of Keith Haring, Subway Drawing
is an emblematic work by an artist best known for the drawings he made for in the New York
subway in the 1980s. Haring was already known for his street art, and the subway was like a laboratory where he could experiment in ephemeral chalk drawings with their biting critiques of media brainwashing and similar subjects.

    The success of Rose, c’est Paris, the exhibition held at the BNF – French National Library in Paris from April to July 2010, sealed the reputation of Bettina Rheims´ latest series of photographs. The subject matter is the Paris of the interwar period and its mythical and mysterious places, shown here in small formats suggestive of metaphorical portraits.
Inspired by classical culture but also by 20th-century avant-gardistes such as Breton and Duchamp, Bettina Rheims here pays tribute to the Surrealists in her black-and-white portraits of a spectral, derelict Paris, simultaneously out of reach and imbued with nostalgia.

    On show for the first time is an all-new work by Pierre & Gilles, Maison de Poupée (Doll´s House), inspired by the play of the same name by Norwegian dramatist Henrick Ibsen. It features a portrait of Audrey Tautou in the classic 19th-century style, and yet seems to be entangled in a cold and silent world populated by hostile animals in reference to the protagonist of the play. The hand-painted  photography on canvas technique in which the artists have been working for several years is now taking them into larger formats in which their characters are surrounded by ever-richer sceneries.

    The gallery will also display exceptional paintings by George Condo and A.R. Penck, as well as brand new works by Fabrice Hyber specially created for FIAC 2010 - his glass pieces made at the CIRVA (International Research Center on Glass and Visual Arts) in Marseille, the first specimens of which were previewed at the artist´s exhibition Pasteur’ Spirit at the Institut Pasteur, this summer in Paris.

    Around this impressive hanging, the gallery will offer to the FIAC visitors the opportunity to experience and re-experience prestigious works by artists which our gallery has represented and supported for some years now.