September 15 - November 15, 1999

exhibition release


Among the 50 artists that will be exhibited on the Champs-Elysées from September 15 to November 14 in Les Champs de la Sculpture, Brigitte Nahon is the only French sculptor that will embody the new artistic generation, the one of the third millennium.  As the 5 other women present in this exhibition, she shows her great ease in large-scale realizations with her brand new creation, Le Passage, conceived especially for this prestigious event.



As indicated by its title, Le Passage is conceived as a two-part installation, two waves of 12 and 8 meters long and 2,30 meters high, that will surround the flow of pedestrians strolling down the tar path on the Champs-Elysées sidewalk.


Made with transparent globes filled with water, separated by shiny stainless steel sheets, this sculpture will create a permanent exchange between the work and the spectator by a game of perpetualy changing reflections.  The strollers will see reflected upside down, in one wave, the image of the gardens, and in the other wave, the image of the perpetual movement of the traffic of the Champs-Elysées.  Both waves reflecting their own reflection, all the flows will  be thus absorbed right side as well as upside down, thanks to this system of transparent and reflective globes filled with water.


Enlightened by the inside, Le Passage will be permanently livened up, transcribing night and day the energy of the town, its movement, its color, this life that never ends.


« To pass between the two waves.  To go up and down the Champs Elysées as the human tide and the urban traffic rise and ebb. Thanks to the sculpture undulations, the work reflects itself in the sculpture. To show the sculpture in the sculpture, the town in the sculpture and the sculpture in the town...»