November 19 - November 22, 2009
Abu Dhabi, E.A.U, stand C1

Untitled, 1996 -Ink on silver gelatin print monted on Dibond - 101,6 x 152,4 cm edition of 5 and 2 artist´s proofs

exhibition release

In its first ever participation in a Middle-Eastern art fair, the Gallery will be presenting a selection of works offering exceptional quality in terms of both composition and technique, carefully chosen to delight and excite artistic sensitivities in this part of the world.


Some of the work being exhibited has never been seen before, such as David Mach’s spectacular Silver Streak (2009), a 3m sculpture made from coat-hangers featuring the spitting image of the legendary King Kong caught in the midst of a show of strength, and one of Valérie Belin’s brand-new Vintage Cars (2008), in which the artist photographs famous vintage cars as stars in a dazzling jewellery box which makes clever use of coloured reflection and mirror effects.


Shirin Neshat, from Iran, is the gallery’s flagship artist, and it has been supporting her work and representing her for more than 10 years. The exhibition will feature a number of works illustrating how her work has evolved, from a 1996 black and white photograph through to Games Of Desire (2009), her latest photographic series taken in Laos... with her ever-present trademark, the intriguing pieces of Farsi calligraphy she overlays onto her prints.


Some entertaining pieces by Jeff Koons, the major American artist whom the gallery has represented since 1997, will also be shown: Mermaid Troll (1986), a lively little mermaid from the Statuary series cast in stainless steel, one of Koons’ preferred mediums, and Monkey Train (2007), created using iconography from the Popeye Series.


The immense talent of Fabrice Hyber will be unveiled through two recent canvases (2008), illustrating the artist’s unique compositions often using words written on the canvas, collages and an enveloping resin clothing them in a certain mystery.