June 04 - July 23, 1999
Keith Haring: 12 Sculptures
galerie jerome de noirmont

exhibition release

« Haring ´s three-dimensional works are like fast-food: they go down so easily, you barely think about the skill and astute understanding of popular taste that they represent.  Haring put the bright enamels and steel of Minimal Art into the service of cartoon culture, while taking a few cues from Alexander Calder and Ellsworth Kelly and returning the figure to sculpture with a new, motion-filled energy. »


Roberta SMITH


« A painting, to a degree, is still an illusion of a material.  But once you cut this thing out of steel and put it up, it is a real thing, I mean it could kill you.  If it falls, it will kill you.  It has a kind of power that a painting doesn´t have.  You can´t burn it.  It would survive a nuclear blast, probably.  It has this permanent, real feeling that will exist much, much, much longer than I will ever exist, so it´s a kind of immortality.  All of it I guess, to a degree, is like that...  All of the things that you make are a kind of quest for immortality. »





For the first time in France, an exhibition will be solely devoted to Keith Haring´s sculpture.  Quite unknown from the general public, this is yet the part of his work that illustrates the best his creation as presenting everything that made its art popular are present: simple but highly graphic figures, with bright and shinny colors, so attractive and play, the combination of rhythm and balance...  Above all, the joy, the energy that radiate from it testify a love of life, a generosity and an optimism that always characterized the artist.


Keith Haring thought that « public art should make people feel comfortable and brighten their environment ».  In this perspective, he created his sculptures as « a kind of « adult-scale » playground ».  The omnipresence of dance and music makes his sculptures very lively, light and moving as in the Dancing Figures and Breakers that evoke simultaenously hip-hop, break dancing, extatic dances from the streets and even Jazz music as in Julia.


At the occasion of this exhibition Keith Haring - 12 sculptures, a catalogue, bilingual English / French  will be published and will thus constitute a real reference in the literature on the artist; almost ten years after his death, it is one of the very first book only devoted to his sculpted work.  David Galloway, the famous American critic, will preface this catalogue and the twelve exhibited works will all be reproduced, each on a full color page.