September 14 - November 10, 1999
Revinniir Zagaizz
galerie jerome de noirmont

exhibition release

French living in New York, Brigitte Nahon is one of the young artists emerging on the international scene, as shown by the ever crescent interest for her work from museums and institutions world-wide.


Corresponding to her own personality, Brigitte Nahon´s work investigates the realms of possibilities, always functioning by simple but radical oppositions, and by reversing power struggles: between equilibrium and disequilibrium, solidity and fragility, heaviness and lightness, ephemeral and eternity... Between sculpture and installation, her work weaves a link between all these apparent paradoxes within her permanent search of limits.


The relation to the Other fascinates her.  The viewer is discreetly involved in the perception of each creation, in one hand by his relation to the fragility of its construction and, in the other hand, by his relation to the meticulousness of the material work of its elaboration...  Fragility, meticulousness, patience that may be only the grace of a young lady is capable to inspire.


In this exhibition especially conceived for the Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont, will exclusively present new works confronting the polished stainless steel and the black thread, Sculptures-Paintings of white canvas and stretched black thread sculpted until its limits, ink drawings, an installation created with a free veil to "bring the ceiling back to the wall", an installation made of glass globes filled with water that will abolish the limits between the outside and the inside, installation created with black thread and pearls...  Full of "first times", this exhibition will amaze and delight everybody.


On the occasion of this exhibition, the gallery will publish a ´´sketch notebook´´ entirely created by the artist , with more than twenty colored drawings which illustrate the creation of the works, and of Le Passage  on the Champs Elysées . These illustrations will be joined to a bilingual French / English text by Catherine Francblin, famous French art critics, who has been following the artist´s work for many years.


Jointly, Brigitte Nahon will present Le Passage, especially created for Les Champs de La Sculpture from September 15 to November 14.  As indicated by its title, Le Passage is conceived as a two-part installation, two waves of 12 and 8 meters long and 2,30 meters high, that will surround the flow of pedestrians strolling down the Champs-Elysées sidewalk. Made with transparent globes filled with water, separated by shiny stainless steel sheets, this sculpture will create a permanent exchange between the work and the spectator by a game of perpetually changing reflections. .  The strollers will see reflected upside down, in one wave, the image of the gardens, and in the other wave, the image of the perpetual movement of the traffic.  Both waves reflecting their own reflection, all the flows will be absorbed night and day, transcribing the energy of the town, its movement, its color, this life that never ends... Brigitte Nahon is the only French artist who will embody the third millennium artistic generation.