January 23 - January 26, 2009
Hall 15 / Stand A30 Bologna, Italy

exhibition release

For its fifth consecutive participation in ARTEFIERA, on a new and larger booth following the restructuring of the exhibition halls, the Galerie Jerôme de Noirmont will show a selection of quality works by its key artists:

Valérie BELIN
Fabrice HYBER
David MACH
a.r. PENCK
Bettina RHEIMS

The hanging will confront new creations and older mythical works, mixing painting, photography and sculpture…

A large canvas by Penck dated 1981, a black and white composition, illusorily simplistic, fascinates with its more symbolist than pictorial power. It will echo the new paintings created by Fabrice Hyber, conversely with bright colours, yet similarly structured in their construction, reflecting the artist’s way of thinking.

The ultimate series of Valérie Belin and Shirin Neshat, achieved in 2007, will offer us two very spectacular visions of the close-up within contemporary photography. The large black and white portraits featuring a dancer of the Lido Paris cabaret will captivate us by its undeniable plasticity and its dramatic production, whereas the more realistic close-up of Middle Eastern characters will move us by the mystery of the calligraphies that cover them.

Just as dramatic, the portraits from Chambre Close, the mythical series by Bettina Rheims, set us into an outdated scenery, individualized for every picture but similar for the whole series, as regard to the narrative they’re related to.

In a surprising face to face with these photographs, McDermott & McGough, the Irish-American dandy couple who dive us into an obsolete epoch through photography and painting, will unveil their new surprising drawings created with graphite on paper, unseen portraits realized like close-up pictures from black 50s’ movies.

New sculptures by David Mach and Benjamin Sabatier, a woman’s head made out of coathangers, and a column composed with trickling cans of paint, will disclose us new examples of these two artistic processes, full of humor, and which draw their inspiration from our daily life.

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