May 23 - July 21, 2007
Group Exhibition
galerie jerome de noirmont

exhibition release

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Due to a very busy international arts season and the electoral activity in France the gallery has chosen not to present a solo exhibition this summer through respect to the artists it represents. From the end of May to the beginning of July the gallery is therefore organising a group exhibition on the theme of cinema with a hanging centred around 4 artists and their new works.
- Fabrice Hyber, whose canvases, and above all the new Homeopathic Painting, on this theme can be viewed ;
- McDermott & McGough with new paintings created in the same spirit as those shown in the gallery for Please don’t stop loving me!, their recently finished personal exhibition which was a great success ;
- Pierre et Gilles with their most recent creations alongside some of their older works, before the opening of the large Jeu de Paume’s retrospective, from June until September, celebrating their thirty years of work ;
- Bettina Rheims, with her series Pourquoi m’as-tu abandonnée ? and the black and white photographs of Kim Harlow.

Cinema is a constant source of inspiration for these artists and noticeably effects their creation in different forms. Actresses and actors put themselves in character or accept to play a new role whilst posing for their portraits by Pierre et Gilles or Bettina Rheims. Nostalgic, obscure and grievous atmospheres and issues from tragic dark films give rise to certain images, sombre like those of Paris under the Occupation from the series La Rose et le Couteau by Pierre et Gilles, and melodramatic like
those of B film series actresses painted by McDermott& McGough. Some works are structured like films scenes as Bettina Rheims did in Pourquoi m’as tu abandonée ?; other series could even be imagined as integral scenarios as in the case of Kim Harlow.
Cinema however does not concentrate solely on the image. It is furthermore a ‘script of light and movement’ which has given birth to a global system. It is this topic that Fabrice Hyber has taken an interest in with his exhibited canvases, designed like story-boards with numerous exits and entrances, unlike a film in which the beginning and the end are unique.

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