June 26 - September 23, 2007
DOUBLE-JE 1976-2007
Jeu de Paume Paris (catalogue)

exhibition release

Jeu de Paume, Paris

The most important retrospective show devoted to the artists in France since 1996, is already promising to be the art event of the summer!
The whole space of the Jeu de Paume will present a total of more than 130 works selected among masterpieces, including for the first time all their self-portraits created since 1977, all of which will be set in a very original scenic way created by the artists themselves.

The exhibition will come with the publication of a new book edited by Taschen, scheduled to be out at end of June, with 270 works, including the 130 exhibited at the Jeu de Paume, enriched with works from the last ten years, and accompanied by a text by the art critic Paul Ardenne.
This publication will allow you to get into the intimate and mysterious world of Pierre et Gilles, who got personally involved into its accomplishment, and which is already regarded as the main new book of reference about them!

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