March 08 - March 11, 2012
Special project by Fabrice Hyber
Pier 94 Booth 505, 12th Avenue & 52-55th St., New York

exhibition release

Special Project by Fabrice Hyber


For its first participation in the Armory Show, the Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont is pleased to present a special project by Fabrice Hyber, an original in situ creation as a whole that includes drawings, canvases and sculptures, all focusing on the manufacturing process of an object.
The French artist uses accumulation, hybridisation and mutation to create constant shifts between extremely varied domains. Each work is just an intermediate, evolving stage of this permanent “work in progress” that spreads like a proliferation of thought, establishing links and exchanges that help then to create other connections.
The group of creations completed for the Armory Show will illustrate perfectly this process, unveiling among these new artworks Hyber´s so-specific paintings, whose ambivalence lies between their glossy appearance (as covered with an Epoxy resin) and their complex compositions full of substance and images.
A few months before its major personal exhibitions that will be held at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris in September and at the Maeght Foundation in St Paul-de-Vence in October, this show will offer a unique opportunity to discover the exceptional creativity of Fabrice Hyber, who remains the youngest artist to have ever been awarded with the “Golden Lion” at the Venice Biennial (1997).

The project that I’m creating for the Armory Show is a drawn and painted fiction/story. Its principle will be to highlight the ambivalence between smoothness and material, between form and content, between aesthetics and ethics. The whole project intends to reveal the 2 different faces of our desires, and maybe the third… like in my Scales with 3 trays.
Among the drawings I will present the smooth
Homme de Bessines (Bessines Man) and its consequences…as well introduce the Homme de Bessines made out of recycling and its involvements. The third aspect, still to be achieved, may be its multiplication.
The installation will be displayed on 3 walls, presenting the 3 different proposals. In the center of the booth, some sculptures will emphasize the questioning.

Fabrice Hyber, January 2012